Afghanistan is in the process of making peace with the Taliban in an effort to end the civil war in the country. The process of agreement in achieving peace was quite successful between the two camps. The Taliban who gave Afghanistan the opportunity to fight ISIS which had attacked them recently.

It was also revealed in a statement made by one of the security advisers who served in Afghanistan. Hamdullah Mohib who did the fight got worse. Very important peace talks with the Taliban started last September in Qatar.

A radical ISIS group whose mission is to claim a series of attacks will occur very frequently in Afghanistan. Kabul University is one of the places that will come under attack from the content in the mission. As a result of the report given by the eye witness, there were several people with guns trying to detonate grenades and fire automatic weapons all over the campus.

Hamdullah Mohib as Afghanistan’s security adviser admitted that even though ISIS had been removed from the territory they controlled. That thing will still consider the group that was attacked. The ISIS group that runs still holds on to its guidance in forming a terror network

isis at aghanistan

ISIS Attacks Cause People’s Fear

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan which was the target of a bomb carried out by ISIS. The bomb targeted an intelligence agency headquarters which killed 9 journalists out of 29 victims. The terror that has occurred in recent years is the act of militants who declared ISIS terror in a vital area of ​​Afghanistan.

The ISIS group calls itself from the Khorasan province in Central Asia that made it into the territory of the Afghan border. Similar to the Taliban, ISIS in that country has the desire to destroy the United States government. For the sake of creating an Islamic state, however, the Taliban attacked military posts and homes of government officials.

ISIS attacks target civilians such as the Hazara Shia minority community.
At the beginning of the formation of the ISIS group, Khorasan had a membership that came from the Pakistani Taliban. Entered through the border at the time of the attack carried out by Pakistan. Approximately three thousand to five thousand members entered.

The main objective of ISIS in entering is to seize the Islamic caliphate in the eyes of the world. The view of anti-shiha is very inherent in this group. Adherents of this teaching are approximately 15 percent of the total 35 million people who live. ISIS also regularly terrorizes minority groups.
The courage of ISIS members who entered Afghanistan received enormous support from the radicals and also the Sunni fighters. In that position, it is the majority in the country. Meanwhile, the attack leads to an ISIS version of government that can attack civilians.

ISIS relationship with the Taliban

ISIS and the Taliban do have in common, their goal is to expel NATO and the US from Afghanistan’s soil to implement governance on the basis of Islamic sovereignty. They also have similarities in tactics, leadership and ideology.

However, the Taliban denied that al-Baghdadi wanted to build a Muslim caliphate that would be propagated throughout the world. The Taliban is a community measuring a struggle where reconciliation is more important than an endless war.

ISIS and other parties are calling for a battle against America anywhere and anytime. This is inseparable from the Taliban and ISIS who have fought small battles in Nangarhar Province. Russia, which regards the Taliban as a shield to cross into the Frontier Territory.

Afghanistan and Taliban Peace Agreement Successful

Of course, the attack that ISIS has launched on Afghanistan has caused a lot of big losses. Both property and lives were lost as a result of the attack, according to an AFP media. Of course, focusing on the peace agreement process carried out by the Taliban will grow troops in the security sector. Terrorist groups such as ISIS speak out about the attacks because they blame their beliefs.

A speaker from Doha has made some progress already in the better part. Establishing a code of ethics has a very positive impact in the process of driving the next stage. A very long conflict spanning four decades will end these attacks.

The parties to the dispute were also directly involved in the first time. An even better opportunity arises because in last February the rebels and Washington signed a peace agreement.

High hopes arose from the stopping of attacks that took place over the past few decades. Thanks to the help of US air power there is much conflict and the task of maintaining our advantage over the Taliban until capabilities are built.