Russia’s Important Role in Central Asia Politics and Security

During Vladimir Putin’s heyday, Central Asia was Russia’s top priority. A very active role in bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the state. Russia which has a consistent effort to exert active influence in the political and security sector over the former Soviet colony.

To become a Great Power country, Russia must play a political and security role in that field. It can be seen from the existence of a renewal in cooperation from the military field. By making extensions to the Russian military field in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, which have 2042 and 2023 respectively.

From several regions in Central Asia it has a strategic location and is abundant with natural resources which is often known as the silk route connecting the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. One example that states that Asia has large natural resources is Kazakhstan which has the largest oil reserves with a total of 30 billion barrels.

A large number of countries such as America and China raises a separate concern for Russia. To prevent Russia from reaffirming political power through its cooperation using the Eurasian Economic Union system in 2015. Of course with the aim of increasing and promoting the stability of condensation in the country.

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Put into effect Russian Political and Security Theory

A complex theory of regional security can be defined as one of the countries that strives for order and security in a region. By walking and cooperating with neighboring countries in the region. Barry Buzan and Ole Waever provide two formulas with essential constituents of several Complex Regional Security theories, namely.

  • Internal Variables
    In the theory of internal variables, the geographic location that is the focus is by seeing how big a country is. Because not all countries that are located close to each other can jointly establish an arrangement in the security sector. Besides that, maintaining the interaction between countries is the thing most often seen from how close the relations between countries are. Certainly, to maintain an interaction that exists within a country, there must be a common system. The similarity of this system can be seen through the culture, economy, and politics of a country.
  • External variable
    In external variables, indicators to see conditions or an international environmental condition. In this measuring device is done as a way to regulate security. A common political and security arrangement is one of the goals dominated by the United States. The issue is the main thing that can make war happen. With the development of oil circulating in the world, the creation of cooperation between countries is very important in developing unity between countries to face enemies.

Central Asia Producer of Natural Resources

The effect that has the results can cause change or prevent many of the big changes that are desired. An ability which influences security and political power for a purpose. Central Asia is the target of major countries for its abundant natural resources.

With the existing cooperation, a large country like Russia can make use of its natural resources easily. Sphere of Influence is a concept used for agreements between countries that are more dominant with the formation of an agreement.

Even though it has an understanding that has been explained by the reality of state life. However, this definition is still used in the interests of the world’s exclusive institutions for developing countries. Central Asia is a new country that can be used as one of the countries with abundant natural resources.

The cooperation that will occur can be interpreted as one of the best results in opening a chamber of commerce in an effort to increase the country’s foreign exchange.

Research on Central Asia as a Developing Country

Uzbekistan, each of which is the second-largest tin and tungsten-producing country in the world. Has natural reserves of more than 30 trillion cubics. As a country that produces the 20th largest natural gas based on natural gas exporters in the world.

Apart from having a strategic value, the Central Asia region is still faced with various problems such as separatist and authoritarian regimes. The separatist movement’s problems can create problems in the security system. Russia, as a country that has the closest geographical location and has historical closeness, considers the region to be a threat to national interests.

Russia wants to help to instill and expand influence in the region because of the interests it wants to achieve in the fields of natural resources, politics, economy, and security. This causes Russia to have an active role in the region for the common interest.

During Vladimir Putin’s heyday as president, Russia began to make improvements in the political and security sectors of the Central Asian region as proof that Russia is a Great Power country that helps balance other countries.

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