Russia Opens Open Aggression Agreement to Ukraine

Russia, which attacked the Ukrainian military forces in the Black Sea for the first time. For the first time Russia launched an open military aggression against Ukraine. Since Vladimir Putin’s leadership, he took over Crimea four years ago.

In ancient times, using the word small green man, which is the name for Russian soldiers who do not have a badge. All of this was done to provoke and do battle with Ukraine. Last Sunday kicked off and marked new developments regarding the hybrid warfare which were further enhanced.

Of course, this risk can cause a big conflict that is difficult to control. Why would the Russian leader decide for such open aggression? Its main purpose is due to the decline in the economy in Russia.

Putin’s initial steps were taken only for a few days before meeting the American president at the time. Donald Trump, who was at the G20 summit held in Argentina, discussed Syria as well as the US’s recently spoken decision.

Russia’s Goals of Open Military Aggression

The open military aggression carried out by Russia serves a specific purpose. This activity focuses on 5 priority areas. Security, freedom in navigation, effectiveness and extension are the main goals that Russia wants to take over.

International humanitarian law and protection of human rights as well as seeking foreign exchange were the effects of the Russian economy which was slumping at that time. The inaugural summit on the Crimean platform is highly expected to review Russia’s power which can be recognized as an absolute power.

To be able to change the current situation, we need a structured, coordinated way in community constancy in order to protect order. The cessation of the Occupation of Crimea includes peace efforts.

Open military aggression carried out by Russia was one of the ways that must be taken to help the people’s economy at that time. However, this provoked other countries that are united in the United Nations to carry out a counterattack against Russia at that time.

vladimir putin open military aggression

United State Supported Ukraine for Open Military Aggression

The foreign minister, Antony Blinken, said Washington would help to confront Russia. Top US diplomats tried to attack the Russian government for his treatment of the opposition figure Alexei Navalny. The step to be taken is to intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft using jets.

important agencies were very clear and repeatedly acted carelessly or aggressively. Along the border between the two countries, Ukraine accuses Russia of wanting to eradicate the native language of the inhabitants of Crimea. Fears escalate at a time when Russia is conducting major military drills close to the border with Ukraine.

Blinken said Russia still has a sizeable troop stocking sophisticated equipment on the border. The threat will remain and try to withdraw some of the troops who are on the Ukrainian border.

With the launch of the submarine the US was able to overthrow Russia with several shots. Biden who has plans to visit Ukraine and increase the defense is actively in the security. It also made the Ukraine feel more protected from attacks by Russia.

Russia’s Response to American Aid to Ukraine

Tense with Ukraine, the Russians say their soldiers will visit the Russian front lines. In order to defend the residents, they also warned that the escalation would continue to grow into a bigger conflict. So far the fire they have caused has succeeded in igniting an imminent war between the great powers.

The inspiration and calm insight of American assistance to Ukraine is well known to Russia. Germany says it is not that worried because for now Russia is assisting special security forces on the border. The conflict with Ukraine heats up, the number of soldiers has been increasing since 2004.

It was Ukraine who asked to temporarily speed up NATO, while the separatist group claimed to have shot 14 mortars in the village of Donetsk. This is done to show the seriousness of a site that has developed quite a lot. President Vladimir Putin held important talks to reduce tensions.

It was Putin who gave a discourse about Ukraine trying to seize sites in the east. Therefore, a series of attacks were launched to further heat up the aggression with an indeterminate period of time.

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