Russia and Ukraine rivalry reaches a breaking point

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law on termination of friendly relations. The ongoing cooperation with Russia broke the feud between the two camps. Before the bill broke off friendly relations with an ongoing agreement.

According to Poroshenko, this is part of the strategy of reorienting Ukraine with the European nation. The contents of the agreement were signed in 1997 and entered into force on April 1, 1999. Kyiv and Moscow have pledged to respect each border and immediately resolve the dispute peacefully.

A subject of the agreement concerning an automatic clause, renewing every ten years. If there is no one who takes action to end the war. However, in early 2014, the two neighboring parties engaged in a feud that occurred.

At that time, three Ukrainian ships were trying to sail across the Kerch Strait via the black sea. However, an offense occurred, all the goods carried by them were confiscated by the Russian troops because they had crossed the border

ukraina vs rusia

Russia’s Denial of Ukraine

The resulting tensions will continue between Ukraine and Russia. With the enactment of martial law in 10 regions including provinces and direct borders for thirty days. Even so, Poroshenko still responded that martial law was not a declaration for war.

Russia’s Foreign Minister at the time, Sergei Lavrov, complained about deteriorating relations in Russia. In the end, allegations about the bloc have systematically destroyed the Cooperative Mechanism.

Relations between Russia and other western countries are already at their lowest. Reportedly new pressure exerted by Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The means by which moskov imprisonment of Alexia provides a sizeable increase in greater sanctions for Russia.

Lavrov said in the past, Moscow was very ready to cut ties with countries in the bloc. Impacts with economic sanctions are very painful. Lavrov’s question was described by the Germans as a confusing and elusive statement.

Development of Russian Pressure Heats Up

Relations that occur consistently are split by. The split that occurred was an initiative made by Brussels, said Lavrov. The pressure from sanctions that had grown with Russia angered many European countries and eventually expelled diplomats.

Russia Has consistently destroyed all mechanisms without exception. However, this cannot make Russia withdraw from relations from every country that is part of. Surely Russia will still get good relationships from every member.

Lavrov talked about Europe and. It talks about Europe, Russia also has a lot of friends there. Therefore we are never afraid to fight.

Regarding economic cooperation, relations with EU members are of the utmost importance for Russia. Certainly, this will provide strength for Russia to continue to maintain the sovereignty it has created.

Ukraine Will Not Attack Russia

With a firm grip, Ukraine will not retaliate against a military attack from Russia. Even though in these conditions their soldiers continued to attack and claim lives. This was conveyed by the Ukrainian foreign minister. In a Virtual conference which was attended by more than one hundred journalists from thirty countries.

At present, the situation is the Ukrainian army is on a mission not to react to any provocations on the front lines. Dmytro Kuleba during the interview gave his response that he would not carry out military aggression even though our troops were shot by Russian soldiers.

These efforts in diplomacy and politics create conflict that will continue. Kulaba explained the plans carried out by Ukraine to carry out diplomacy with Russia. Asking for help from neighboring countries is a peaceful solution that will happen at that time.

Of course every point of view that occurs but because of a sheep fighting that is done. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from Kiet is a way to prevent the escalation of Moscow which is much lighter than having to wait for all the consequences. Ukraine will never attack Russia, even if the attackers are attacked against us. Of course, donations from other neighboring countries will give us independence from the attacks of the communist state which will destroy us.By asking for help from partner countries to become more developed countries in bilateral relations. Such deterrence is much lighter than having to carry it all within a border.


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