Create an Open Chamber Commerce between Russia and Indonesia

Indonesia really hopes that Russia will get support in the free trade negotiations. The creation of a free chamber of commerce between Indonesia and the Eurasian Economic Union is done in the framework of a legal bond.

In a press conference, he said that the good impact gave a very good prospect for cooperation between the Indonesian and Russian economies. The cooperation that will be carried out will have a positive impact on both parties. The mutually beneficial nature that exists makes it a good thing for the creation of power between countries.

Currently, the trade value between the two countries is still at $ 2.6 billion – $3 billion. However, Indonesia and Russia both have a sale value of $ 5 this year. With the creation of a chamber of commerce that occurs between 2 parties, their main target will be fulfilled.

If you look at Russia’s population it has 146 million, while Indonesia has 260 million. So combining about 400 million people who can be seen from the perspective of bilateral trade is good enough. Russia and Indonesia not only have the opportunity to maximize the trade and investment that goes into the EEU shutter.

The Purpose of the Open Chamber of Commerce was Created

Bureaucratic reform, which has an impact on the ease of the trade and investment sector, has also further increased the business world that is part of the chamber of business and industry or Kadin. Also, to improve the development of the business world, a clear legal rule is needed. So that is, with the important role of Kadin.

The legal umbrella has clearly been stipulated in the Chamber of business and Industry. In this Law what is meant by the Chamber of business and Industry is a forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs who are engaged in the economic sector.

In addition, the aim of Kadin is also to foster and develop the ability of its position as an economic actor and to create and develop a positive business climate so that it can participate effectively in national development to be used maximally for the welfare of the wider community.

In this Law, what is meant by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs who are engaged in the economic sector and consultations between Indonesian entrepreneurs and the Government on matters relating to trade matters.

Asean Successfully Created Free Trade With Russia

One of the successes is quite good, several Asen countries were able to successfully conduct free trade chambers with the Russian side. To advance state assets, of course creating a chamber of commerce is a very good thing. Apart from being one of the ways made in advancing the economy.

The free chamber of commerce itself was created as a way to stabilize brotherhood between countries. Singapore and Indonesia are two countries in Asia that have succeeded in creating news of free trade with Russia. This is a good way to advance and stabilize the people’s economy.

It is undeniable that Russia as one of the developing countries which have a myriad of innovations is the most sought-after country to conduct a chamber of commerce. Parties from Indonesia, which are one of the countries that have succeeded, can help each other in terms of trade between countries.

Chambers of commerce will usually be conducted by sea, certainly a very big progress to increase the country’s foreign exchange. The main objective in this chamber of commerce is certainly to improve the welfare of the people and as a medium to increase job opportunities, which are now a bit difficult to find.

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