United States Strategy for Regional Change

The strategy used by the United States in an Afghan tunnel is currently being occupied by members of the ISIS militant forces. The thought of using a bomb on a large scale is a decision much discussed by the media. Do decisions made by President Trump go straight to North Korea? Surely this is a movement created to make ISIS troops surrender.

The commander of the United States who was in Afghanistan resisted ordering the use of bombs with large-scale explosions. This is known as the mother of all bombs. This has led many media to think that this decision cannot protect the legacy and also the history that has been left.

The size of the assumption of Donald Trump’s decision makes the public think that Afghanistan is a collection of targets that will be destroyed. A political analyst who is a senior pro-government leader in Kabul has known ISIS for decades.

The weakness of the Taliban government can pose a major threat to the administration in filling the void. At Nicholson’s reign starred in February to give a few thousand additional troops to the United States. However, in making use of the MOAB such an upgrade could have quite limited tactical implications.

ISIS Base Destruction Prevention Tactical

Technically the plan made by America is a decision which is to help the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. However, this can be said as a plan that is quite too far https://a1speedworld.com/. Then the plan for preventing the use of large-scale bombs should definitely be stopped.

Is launching several missiles with high explosive power the right choice? Of course not, it will make things worse. ISIS will enter in large numbers because it has claimed the lives of other members. Therefore prevention must be done in order to get the right security and strategy for the continuity of other missions.

Washington, which has decided or wants to keep its troops, is of course a military presence that can stabilize the attack made by the ISIS militants. Most military forces, tactical combined with silence, are political goals that can reinforce this belief. The plan was carried out in order to remember the incident on April 21 that claimed at least 140 Afghan soldiers in Mazar-i Sharif as a result of attacks from the ISIS group.

With the presence of American military forces, of course, it can strengthen Afghanistan’s military defense lawyer. This was immediately expressed by members of the government in that country to America. The way the completion is done. Wars by launching bombs are an improper way to capture members of terrorist networks.

Views of Other Countries on ISIS in Afghanistan

Of course transcendental meditation scotland, many countries think that Afghanistan cannot solve this on its own. There are simply so many regional problems that are bigger than these. The country needs a lot of new stability to start a new power. The need is quite acute for China, of course, simply holding back attacks on ISIS will slow down the existing development.

Many say what about the thoughts of many. Regarding the latest inter-terrorism intervention that will turn Afghanistan into a hotbed of terrorism, considering its very good geostrategy.

In view of the United States supports the massacre of terrorism in that country. This is what made Russia hold a meeting with China and Pakistan last December. In thwarting the plans that have been made by ISIS.

The statement at the meeting gave a word of gratitude to Afghanistan’s side and Nato’s continued bid to host creates little panic on that side. Moscow, which many say it is in its own right, is experimenting with Washington because of that bad thing to solve the problem.

Russia wants to help America expand its gap in capturing ISIS troops in Afghanistan. Russia hopes to sponsor its own settlement with regional lines in removing excuses from America. Unless Washington values ​​the presence of the military over stability.

The United States Provides Spoiler Disorder Plans

America cannot shake off concern about spoiler behavior that could do its thing. In policy-making, they only see the lens of a broader geopolitical shift. tm in scotland,The ability of a superpower nation is more relative to the region that will change.

Of course, this is done considering the economic growth of China and India is a very big factor in these big changes. The connectivity project is very important for the two big powers that are on the rise depending on Pakistan and Iran.

Xi Jinping who is the president of China has applied his term of office at a Belt and Road Initiative which is a game from APEC. India also commented on the efforts under which a transit agreement was made with Iran and Afghanistan in carrying out road and rail developments towards Central Asia.

Many of the Iranian officials have urged China and Pakitas to link up two mega-projects in the construction of a gas pipeline with Central Asian initiates’ ties. India objected to the project because of the area crossed in this part of Delhi.

The Good Way Is Open Wide To The United States

To make a withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan can not be immediate. To be able to stabilize the country, United States troops must determine in advance that their presence is very beneficial rather than threatening a region.

Many interests support the problem of conflict with ISIS. This is a way to do economic obedience in America. But spelling out ISIS forces requires them to protect existing policies. local tmscotland centres Regarding the problems that exist in Afghanistan, all control is left to members of other countries.

The same thing happened in other places, one of which is the South China Sea and America which have provided cooperation with Afghanistan. The trial of peace that is being worked on is given the rectangular coordination group which also includes other countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

America and Pakistan have opposed strife within the Taliban, given tight control over US military supply lines as well as increasingly favorable diplomatic positions between countries. Bilateral pressure will increasingly have a profound effect on Manjirnal, part of Islamabad. Expressed in December in Moscow with the Russian President’s envoys they will participate to reach a consensus. This is where Russia also intends to bring the Taliban enhancement into the fabric of their framework.

The reason for the ISIS attack in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in the process of making peace with the Taliban in an effort to end the civil war in the country. The process of agreement in achieving peace was quite successful between the two camps. The Taliban who gave Afghanistan the opportunity to fight ISIS which had attacked them recently.

It was also revealed in a statement made by one of the security advisers who served in Afghanistan. Hamdullah Mohib who did the fight got worse. Very important peace talks with the Taliban started last September in Qatar.

A radical ISIS group whose mission is to claim a series of attacks will occur very frequently in Afghanistan. Kabul University is one of the places that will come under attack from the content in the mission. As a result of the report given by the eye witness, there were several people with guns trying to detonate grenades and fire automatic weapons all over the campus.

Hamdullah Mohib as Afghanistan’s security adviser admitted that even though ISIS had been removed from the territory they controlled. That thing will still consider the group that was attacked. The ISIS group that runs still holds on to its guidance in forming a terror network

isis at aghanistan

ISIS Attacks Cause People’s Fear

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan which was the target of a bomb carried out by ISIS. The bomb targeted an intelligence agency headquarters which killed 9 journalists out of 29 victims. The terror that has occurred in recent years is the act of militants who declared ISIS terror in a vital area of ​​Afghanistan.

The ISIS group calls itself from the Khorasan province in Central Asia that made it into the territory of the Afghan border. Similar to the Taliban, ISIS in that country has the desire to destroy the United States government. For the sake of creating an Islamic state, however, the Taliban attacked military posts and homes of government officials.

ISIS attacks target civilians such as the Hazara Shia minority community.
At the beginning of the formation of the ISIS group, Khorasan had a membership that came from the Pakistani Taliban. Entered through the border at the time of the attack carried out by Pakistan. Approximately three thousand to five thousand members entered.

The main objective of ISIS in entering is to seize the Islamic caliphate in the eyes of the world. The view of anti-shiha is very inherent in this group. Adherents of this teaching are approximately 15 percent of the total 35 million people who live. ISIS also regularly terrorizes minority groups.
The courage of ISIS members who entered Afghanistan received enormous support from the radicals and also the Sunni fighters. In that position, it is the majority in the country. Meanwhile, the attack leads to an ISIS version of government that can attack civilians.

ISIS relationship with the Taliban

ISIS and the Taliban do have in common, their goal is to expel NATO and the US from Afghanistan’s soil to implement governance on the basis of Islamic sovereignty. They also have similarities in tactics, leadership and ideology.

However, the Taliban denied that al-Baghdadi wanted to build a Muslim caliphate that would be propagated throughout the world. The Taliban is a community measuring a struggle where reconciliation is more important than an endless war.

ISIS and other parties are calling for a battle against America anywhere and anytime. This is inseparable from the Taliban and ISIS who have fought small battles in Nangarhar Province. Russia, which regards the Taliban as a shield to cross into the Frontier Territory.

Afghanistan and Taliban Peace Agreement Successful

Of course, the attack that ISIS has launched on Afghanistan has caused a lot of big losses. Both property and lives were lost as a result of the attack, according to an AFP media. Of course, focusing on the peace agreement process carried out by the Taliban will grow troops in the security sector. Terrorist groups such as ISIS speak out about the attacks because they blame their beliefs.

A speaker from Doha has made some progress already in the better part. Establishing a code of ethics has a very positive impact in the process of driving the next stage. A very long conflict spanning four decades will end these attacks.

The parties to the dispute were also directly involved in the first time. An even better opportunity arises because in last February the rebels and Washington signed a peace agreement.

High hopes arose from the stopping of attacks that took place over the past few decades. Thanks to the help of US air power there is much conflict and the task of maintaining our advantage over the Taliban until capabilities are built.

Russia and Ukraine rivalry reaches a breaking point

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law on termination of friendly relations. The ongoing cooperation with Russia broke the feud between the two camps. Before the bill broke off friendly relations with an ongoing agreement.

According to Poroshenko, this is part of the strategy of reorienting Ukraine with the European nation. The contents of the agreement were signed in 1997 and entered into force on April 1, 1999. Kyiv and Moscow have pledged to respect each border and immediately resolve the dispute peacefully.

A subject of the agreement concerning an automatic clause, renewing every ten years. If there is no one who takes action to end the war. However, in early 2014, the two neighboring parties engaged in a feud that occurred.

At that time, three Ukrainian ships were trying to sail across the Kerch Strait via the black sea. However, an offense occurred, all the goods carried by them were confiscated by the Russian troops because they had crossed the border

ukraina vs rusia

Russia’s Denial of Ukraine

The resulting tensions will continue between Ukraine and Russia. With the enactment of martial law in 10 regions including provinces and direct borders for thirty days. Even so, Poroshenko still responded that martial law was not a declaration for war.

Russia’s Foreign Minister at the time, Sergei Lavrov, complained about deteriorating relations in Russia. In the end, allegations about the bloc have systematically destroyed the Cooperative Mechanism.

Relations between Russia and other western countries are already at their lowest. Reportedly new pressure exerted by Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The means by which moskov imprisonment of Alexia provides a sizeable increase in greater sanctions for Russia.

Lavrov said in the past, Moscow was very ready to cut ties with countries in the bloc. Impacts with economic sanctions are very painful. Lavrov’s question was described by the Germans as a confusing and elusive statement.

Development of Russian Pressure Heats Up

Relations that occur consistently are split by. The split that occurred was an initiative made by Brussels, said Lavrov. The pressure from sanctions that had grown with Russia angered many European countries and eventually expelled diplomats.

Russia Has consistently destroyed all mechanisms without exception. However, this cannot make Russia withdraw from relations from every country that is part of. Surely Russia will still get good relationships from every member.

Lavrov talked about Europe and. It talks about Europe, Russia also has a lot of friends there. Therefore we are never afraid to fight.

Regarding economic cooperation, relations with EU members are of the utmost importance for Russia. Certainly, this will provide strength for Russia to continue to maintain the sovereignty it has created.

Ukraine Will Not Attack Russia

With a firm grip, Ukraine will not retaliate against a military attack from Russia. Even though in these conditions their soldiers continued to attack and claim lives. This was conveyed by the Ukrainian foreign minister. In a Virtual conference which was attended by more than one hundred journalists from thirty countries.

At present, the situation is the Ukrainian army is on a mission not to react to any provocations on the front lines. Dmytro Kuleba during the interview gave his response that he would not carry out military aggression even though our troops were shot by Russian soldiers.

These efforts in diplomacy and politics create conflict that will continue. Kulaba explained the plans carried out by Ukraine to carry out diplomacy with Russia. Asking for help from neighboring countries is a peaceful solution that will happen at that time.

Of course every point of view that occurs but because of a sheep fighting that is done. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from Kiet is a way to prevent the escalation of Moscow which is much lighter than having to wait for all the consequences. Ukraine will never attack Russia, even if the attackers are attacked against us. Of course, donations from other neighboring countries will give us independence from the attacks of the communist state which will destroy us.By asking for help from partner countries to become more developed countries in bilateral relations. Such deterrence is much lighter than having to carry it all within a border.


Russia’s Important Role in Central Asia Politics and Security

During Vladimir Putin’s heyday, Central Asia was Russia’s top priority. A very active role in bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the state. Russia which has a consistent effort to exert active influence in the political and security sector over the former Soviet colony.

To become a Great Power country, Russia must play a political and security role in that field. It can be seen from the existence of a renewal in cooperation from the military field. By making extensions to the Russian military field in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, which have 2042 and 2023 respectively.

From several regions in Central Asia it has a strategic location and is abundant with natural resources which is often known as the silk route connecting the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. One example that states that Asia has large natural resources is Kazakhstan which has the largest oil reserves with a total of 30 billion barrels.

A large number of countries such as America and China raises a separate concern for Russia. To prevent Russia from reaffirming political power through its cooperation using the Eurasian Economic Union system in 2015. Of course with the aim of increasing and promoting the stability of condensation in the country.

geopolitik map rusia central asia

Put into effect Russian Political and Security Theory

A complex theory of regional security can be defined as one of the countries that strives for order and security in a region. By walking and cooperating with neighboring countries in the region. Barry Buzan and Ole Waever provide two formulas with essential constituents of several Complex Regional Security theories, namely.

  • Internal Variables
    In the theory of internal variables, the geographic location that is the focus is by seeing how big a country is. Because not all countries that are located close to each other can jointly establish an arrangement in the security sector. Besides that, maintaining the interaction between countries is the thing most often seen from how close the relations between countries are. Certainly, to maintain an interaction that exists within a country, there must be a common system. The similarity of this system can be seen through the culture, economy, and politics of a country.
  • External variable
    In external variables, indicators to see conditions or an international environmental condition. In this measuring device is done as a way to regulate security. A common political and security arrangement is one of the goals dominated by the United States. The issue is the main thing that can make war happen. With the development of oil circulating in the world, the creation of cooperation between countries is very important in developing unity between countries to face enemies.

Central Asia Producer of Natural Resources

The effect that has the results can cause change or prevent many of the big changes that are desired. An ability which influences security and political power for a purpose. Central Asia is the target of major countries for its abundant natural resources.

With the existing cooperation, a large country like Russia can make use of its natural resources easily. Sphere of Influence is a concept used for agreements between countries that are more dominant with the formation of an agreement.

Even though it has an understanding that has been explained by the reality of state life. However, this definition is still used in the interests of the world’s exclusive institutions for developing countries. Central Asia is a new country that can be used as one of the countries with abundant natural resources.

The cooperation that will occur can be interpreted as one of the best results in opening a chamber of commerce in an effort to increase the country’s foreign exchange.

Research on Central Asia as a Developing Country

Uzbekistan, each of which is the second-largest tin and tungsten-producing country in the world. Has natural reserves of more than 30 trillion cubics. As a country that produces the 20th largest natural gas based on natural gas exporters in the world.

Apart from having a strategic value, the Central Asia region is still faced with various problems such as separatist and authoritarian regimes. The separatist movement’s problems can create problems in the security system. Russia, as a country that has the closest geographical location and has historical closeness, considers the region to be a threat to national interests.

Russia wants to help to instill and expand influence in the region because of the interests it wants to achieve in the fields of natural resources, politics, economy, and security. This causes Russia to have an active role in the region for the common interest.

During Vladimir Putin’s heyday as president, Russia began to make improvements in the political and security sectors of the Central Asian region as proof that Russia is a Great Power country that helps balance other countries.

Create an Open Chamber Commerce between Russia and Indonesia

Indonesia really hopes that Russia will get support in the free trade negotiations. The creation of a free chamber of commerce between Indonesia and the Eurasian Economic Union is done in the framework of a legal bond.

In a press conference, he said that the good impact gave a very good prospect for cooperation between the Indonesian and Russian economies. The cooperation that will be carried out will have a positive impact on both parties. The mutually beneficial nature that exists makes it a good thing for the creation of power between countries.

Currently, the trade value between the two countries is still at $ 2.6 billion – $3 billion. However, Indonesia and Russia both have a sale value of $ 5 this year. With the creation of a chamber of commerce that occurs between 2 parties, their main target will be fulfilled.

If you look at Russia’s population it has 146 million, while Indonesia has 260 million. So combining about 400 million people who can be seen from the perspective of bilateral trade is good enough. Russia and Indonesia not only have the opportunity to maximize the trade and investment that goes into the EEU shutter.

The Purpose of the Open Chamber of Commerce was Created

Bureaucratic reform, which has an impact on the ease of the trade and investment sector, has also further increased the business world that is part of the chamber of business and industry or Kadin. Also, to improve the development of the business world, a clear legal rule is needed. So that is, with the important role of Kadin.

The legal umbrella has clearly been stipulated in the Chamber of business and Industry. In this Law what is meant by the Chamber of business and Industry is a forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs who are engaged in the economic sector.

In addition, the aim of Kadin is also to foster and develop the ability of its position as an economic actor and to create and develop a positive business climate so that it can participate effectively in national development to be used maximally for the welfare of the wider community.

In this Law, what is meant by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs who are engaged in the economic sector and consultations between Indonesian entrepreneurs and the Government on matters relating to trade matters.

Asean Successfully Created Free Trade With Russia

One of the successes is quite good, several Asen countries were able to successfully conduct free trade chambers with the Russian side. To advance state assets, of course creating a chamber of commerce is a very good thing. Apart from being one of the ways made in advancing the economy.

The free chamber of commerce itself was created as a way to stabilize brotherhood between countries. Singapore and Indonesia are two countries in Asia that have succeeded in creating news of free trade with Russia. This is a good way to advance and stabilize the people’s economy.

It is undeniable that Russia as one of the developing countries which have a myriad of innovations is the most sought-after country to conduct a chamber of commerce. Parties from Indonesia, which are one of the countries that have succeeded, can help each other in terms of trade between countries.

Chambers of commerce will usually be conducted by sea, certainly a very big progress to increase the country’s foreign exchange. The main objective in this chamber of commerce is certainly to improve the welfare of the people and as a medium to increase job opportunities, which are now a bit difficult to find.

Russia Opens Open Aggression Agreement to Ukraine

Russia, which attacked the Ukrainian military forces in the Black Sea for the first time. For the first time Russia launched an open military aggression against Ukraine. Since Vladimir Putin’s leadership, he took over Crimea four years ago.

In ancient times, using the word small green man, which is the name for Russian soldiers who do not have a badge. All of this was done to provoke and do battle with Ukraine. Last Sunday kicked off and marked new developments regarding the hybrid warfare which were further enhanced.

Of course, this risk can cause a big conflict that is difficult to control. Why would the Russian leader decide for such open aggression? Its main purpose is due to the decline in the economy in Russia.

Putin’s initial steps were taken only for a few days before meeting the American president at the time. Donald Trump, who was at the G20 summit held in Argentina, discussed Syria as well as the US’s recently spoken decision.

Russia’s Goals of Open Military Aggression

The open military aggression carried out by Russia serves a specific purpose. This activity focuses on 5 priority areas. Security, freedom in navigation, effectiveness and extension are the main goals that Russia wants to take over.

International humanitarian law and protection of human rights as well as seeking foreign exchange were the effects of the Russian economy which was slumping at that time. The inaugural summit on the Crimean platform is highly expected to review Russia’s power which can be recognized as an absolute power.

To be able to change the current situation, we need a structured, coordinated way in community constancy in order to protect order. The cessation of the Occupation of Crimea includes peace efforts.

Open military aggression carried out by Russia was one of the ways that must be taken to help the people’s economy at that time. However, this provoked other countries that are united in the United Nations to carry out a counterattack against Russia at that time.

vladimir putin open military aggression

United State Supported Ukraine for Open Military Aggression

The foreign minister, Antony Blinken, said Washington would help to confront Russia. Top US diplomats tried to attack the Russian government for his treatment of the opposition figure Alexei Navalny. The step to be taken is to intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft using jets.

important agencies were very clear and repeatedly acted carelessly or aggressively. Along the border between the two countries, Ukraine accuses Russia of wanting to eradicate the native language of the inhabitants of Crimea. Fears escalate at a time when Russia is conducting major military drills close to the border with Ukraine.

Blinken said Russia still has a sizeable troop stocking sophisticated equipment on the border. The threat will remain and try to withdraw some of the troops who are on the Ukrainian border.

With the launch of the submarine the US was able to overthrow Russia with several shots. Biden who has plans to visit Ukraine and increase the defense is actively in the security. It also made the Ukraine feel more protected from attacks by Russia.

Russia’s Response to American Aid to Ukraine

Tense with Ukraine, the Russians say their soldiers will visit the Russian front lines. In order to defend the residents, they also warned that the escalation would continue to grow into a bigger conflict. So far the fire they have caused has succeeded in igniting an imminent war between the great powers.

The inspiration and calm insight of American assistance to Ukraine is well known to Russia. Germany says it is not that worried because for now Russia is assisting special security forces on the border. The conflict with Ukraine heats up, the number of soldiers has been increasing since 2004.

It was Ukraine who asked to temporarily speed up NATO, while the separatist group claimed to have shot 14 mortars in the village of Donetsk. This is done to show the seriousness of a site that has developed quite a lot. President Vladimir Putin held important talks to reduce tensions.

It was Putin who gave a discourse about Ukraine trying to seize sites in the east. Therefore, a series of attacks were launched to further heat up the aggression with an indeterminate period of time.